Hermann von Helmholtz

German physicist and physician known for his work in the physiology of perception, particularly in acoustics and vision.

Thomas Edison

Inventor and businessman recognized for his advancements in sound recording technologies, including the phonograph.

Wallace Clement Sabine

American physicist recognized as the founder of architectural acoustics for his work on reverberation time in rooms.

Harald Nyquist

Swedish engineer known for the Nyquist theorem, fundamental to the field of signal processing and telecommunications.

Harvey Fletcher

Physicist known for his contributions to the understanding of sound localization and his work in hearing science.

John William Strutt (Lord Rayleigh)

British physicist who made significant contributions to understanding the nature of sound and scattering of light.

√Čtienne-Gaspard Robert

Belgian physicist and inventor known for his work in acoustics and for inventing the modern stethoscope.

Neville Thiele

Australian engineer notable for his contributions to loudspeaker design and crossover network theory.

Georg Simon Ohm

German physicist who formulated Ohm's Law and contributed to the understanding of electrical circuits and acoustics.

Werner Meyer-Eppler

German physicist and phoneticist known for his work on electronic music and information theory in acoustics.